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We are the largest BMW breakers and dismantlers in the Southeast and one of the leading specialists for quality used genuine BMW parts in the UK. We have a wide range of BMW Spares and new stock arrives in all the time. We will update this page regularly to reflect the current list.  If you can't find what you are looking for


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We are currently breaking the following cars


E38 740IL 1998
Very high spec - 63k - All parts available except fuel tank
E90 330i Sport
Auto - High spec - Black Leather recaro
E39 528 Sport 2000
All parts available including rear blinds and tinted windows. * We also have different colour interiors available *
X5 3lt Petrol 2003
All parts available. Also have sat nav and black and beige leather interiors available
E30 1987 325i
Auto - All parts available including black leather interior
E30 1990 316i LUX
Manual - All parts available
E46 320ci se
2004 model 2.2 facelift All parts available
E36 318ti Sport Compact
All parts available
Mini Cooper Auto
2004 Black Leather Trim - Glass Sunroof - Sat Nav - Heated Screen 88k
E36 323i se Auto
Alpina parts available. Runs good. Heated electric recaros. LPG Kit
E46 330d Sport Manual
D2 Engine - Very clean interior
E36 318ti Auto Compact
Very good condition pre accident. All parts available including leather trims
E46 318es Touring
All parts available except engine, including leather trim
Z3 Hard Top For Sale
Montreal Blue - comes with complete fitting kit ***** £700.00+vat ******
E46 320cd ES 2006
88k - Very Good Condition - all parts available including different colour trims
E39 530i Sport 2002
005 ABS Pump - Sat Nav - All parts available including different colour trims
E61 525d SE Auto
All part available
E39 530 Sport
All parts available - 005 ABS Pump - Sport Front Bumper
E87 118d Manual
All good visible parts available
E61 525d Auto
Blue with beige. High specification - No panel damage
E39 525 M54 Touring
Automatic - Good running gear. Leather interiors available. 001 ABS Pump
E91 2010 318d SE Business Edition LCI
N47 Manual - Black Leather - LCI Sat Nav System
E91 2005 320d Touring
Auto - All good panels available - Black Leather Recaro in very good condition
E39 2004 Late 530 Sport
Flood Damaged - Runs and Drives - All parts available
E90 2009 320d M Sport LCI
N47 D20C - Manual - All parts available 57k
R53 2006 Mini Cooper S
Checkmate Edition - 71k Clean interior - Airbags - Black Head Lining - Good Wheels
E39 530d Auto
005 ABS Pump - Selection of leather interiors available
E46 2003 325i Sport
56k Auto. All parts available including black leather trim
E90 318 N46 B20B
Manual 61k All parts available including interiors
E46 2001 316i Facelift
All parts available including leather trims
E46 320i 2.2
Velvet Blue - Individual Model 96k Manual
E46 2003 318ci SE Coupe
55k Manual N42 engine Black Leather
E46 2002 318ci Convertible
Manual - All parts available including leather trims
E90 2005 318d ES
Manual 76k All parts available
E46 325ci Sport
90k Clean car - Black leather recaro
E30 325 Sport
1989 manual - Complete Mtech 2. 4dr or Touring body kit. Alpina replica wheels. Lachs Silver
E39 520
2002 - M54 2.2 Auto. Clean Grey Leather. Engine and gearbox good. 005 ABS Pump
E46 320td Auto Compact
Clean car - All parts available including leather trim
E31 840i
4.4 Auto Petrol in Avus Blue with recaro trim with blue piping and sport wing mirrors - all parts avaliable
E36 Z3 Sport 3lt
Manual 2002 - All round nice car. Damage to front. Cream Sports Leather - Black roll over hoop kit. 3.07 Torsen LSD
E46 320d Sports Coupe 2004
52K 5 speed auto - Saphire Black Metalic with heated black leather recaro. Power fold mirrors + sat nav
E46 320ci 2.2 6cyl
Convertible, Manual. Grey leather - 5 speed
E36 323 Convertible
Manual 84k 5 speed. All round nice car - n/s/f damage - Very clean heated leather interior
E46 320d Touring 2004
Automatic - all parts/panels available including leather trims
E36 Z3 2.0lt petrol manual
Aegaels blau - Metalic. Engine and gearbox good. Black roll over hoop kit and heated individual leather
E39 523i
Automatic - Very clean Arctic silver, nice black leather trim. All parts available.
E90 318i
N46 Manual - Clean pre accident. Low miles. Half leather trim
E92 M3 V8
Manual - HIGH SPEC including Sat Nav etc. Full Black Leather. All good visible parts available
E39 528i Auto
In red, 115k - Clean car - all parts available
E31 840ci Sport
Clean car - all parts available (wheels and callipers sold). Has sport body kit - We have other 8 series parts avaliable
3.0i manual. Has nearside damage. Engine and gearbox good
2001 (Y) Z3 Roadster
2.2 91k manual - OSR damage. Engine, gearbox, interior (Black leather) etc all good.
E39 540i Sport 4dr saloon
4.4 Auto Sport black, leather recaro with widescreen sat nav - 105k
E46 330 2dr
6 Speed Manual. Nearside damage. Full black leather - heated recaro Engine & Gearbox good
E46 318 Touring
Silver Grey - Manual. Engine failure but everything else is good
E46 325 Sport
Engine faliure - All other parts available. Black cloth interior, also have others.
X3 2005
M54 2.5 manual. Grey cloth interior. Blue Water metallic. Beige leather available
E46 318i Coupe
85k Titan silver - manual, xenons - all parts, panels and interior avaliable
Z3 1.9 TU
Clean car 70k manual - very good black leather trim. All panels good apart from visible damage. Engine and gearbox good. Headlights sold.
E46 330d Auto
E46 330d D2 facelift 4dr, sport model grey leather recaro good engine and gearbox.
Z4 2.5 AUTO
Petrol model - Front end damage - all parts avaliable



Customers are welcome to collect their ordered parts in person.
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